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This template adds a table of contents (TOC) to a category page. It is generally not used for categories containing less than 500 total pages. The parameters are optional.

{{category TOC
|lang = <language code> (see below, default: en)
|numerals = group / separate / days / no (default: group)
|uppercase = yes / no (default: yes)
|lowercase = yes / no (default: no)
|letters = yes / no (default: yes)


  • lang - language code of the alphabet to use
  • numerals - specifies whether numerals are included:
    • group: there is one link for all numerals 0-9
    • separate: each numeral from 0 to 9 has a separate link
    • days: day of month from 1 to 31
    • no: no link
  • uppercase - specifies whether there is a link for each uppercase letter from A to Z.
  • lowercase - specifies whether there is a link for each lowercase letter from a to z.
  • letters - use no to hide letters.

Other languages

The lang parameter can take any of the language codes currently available:


The only translatable parts in this template are two MediaWiki pages: MediaWiki:Toc & MediaWiki:Top.af:Template:CategoryTOC ar:قالب:فهرس تصنيف ast:Template:CategoryTOC ca:Template:CategoryTOC cy:Template:CategoryTOC el:Πρότυπο:CategoryTOC en:Template:Category TOC eo:Ŝablono:TOCcat es:Plantilla:TOC categoría et:Template:CategoryTOC fa:الگو:فهرست رده fi:Template:CategoryTOC fr:Template:Sommaire compact catégorie fy:Template:CategoryTOC hi:Template:CategoryTOC hr:Template:CategoryTOC hu:Sablon:CatAZ id:Template:CategoryTOC io:Template:CategoryTOC is:Template:CategoryTOC ja:Template:CategoryTOC ko:틀:분류 목차 ku:Template:CategoryTOC la:Template:CategoryTOC lb:Template:CategoryTOC lt:Template:CategoryTOC lv:Template:CategoryTOC mk:Шаблон:Категориски азбучник nn:Template:CategoryTOC no:Mal:KategoriTOC oc:Template:CategoryTOC pt:Predefinição:Índice cat pt:Predefinição:CategoriaTOC ro:Format:TOCcat ru:Template:CategoryTOC simple:Template:CategoryTOC sk:Template:CategoryTOC sl:Template:CategoryTOC sq:Stampa:CategoryTOC1 su:Template:CategoryTOC sv:Mall:KategoriTOC tr:Template:CategoryTOC tt:Template:CategoryTOC uk:Шаблон:CategoryTOC vi:Tiêu bản:Mục lục thể loại wa:Template:CategoryTOC